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Tiktok Best Practice

Tiktok Best Practice

TikTok is the hottest platform on the block, and it’s not hard to see why. With over 1 billion monthly active users, the app is a great way to reach a young and highly engaged audience.

As Gen Z’s buying power grows with its impact on the zeitgeist, platforms that offer opportunities for positive self-expression, community, and entertainment — like TikTok! — will be more relevant than ever.


Tip #1 - Keep it Short

Although the latest maximum length of TikTok ads is one minute, short-form content is still the name of the game. The longer your ad, the more likely it’ll be buried in the feed — in other words, have a captivating hook, keep it engaging, and prioritize brevity (15 seconds or less).

Tip #2 - Don’t be afraid to get creative (and weird)

Try to take advantage of TikTok’s quirky features (music, sound effects, and filters) and map your ad ideas to trends. And remember: people love humor and self-deprecation on the platform. 

Don’t take yourself too seriously!

Tip #3 - Get started with Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has seen tremendous growth, in part thanks to TikTok. A great way to boost brand awareness is by partnering with influencers in your niche with large followings — your influencer-driven campaign can be as simple as having them unbox and try on or use your products.

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Tipe #1 - In-feed ads

In-feed ads appear on users’ For You page alongside organic content and can be up to a minute long. here are multiple CTAs to choose from, including directing users to an instant landing page, website, app download, or storefront.

Tipe #2 - Managed Brands

Managed Brands that meet a minimum ad spend threshold can work directly with TikTok representatives in launching the following:

  • Brand takeover ads are still photos, GIFs, or videos that appear when users first open the app, making them perfect for boosting brand awareness.

  • Branded hashtag challenges encourage users to partake in creating themed content and take them to a TikTok landing page (complete with brand info, website link, and challenge description) if they click on the hashtag.

  • Branded effects are filters, stickers, and AR lenses users can use to spice up their videos.

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