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High-quality photography is an indispensable slice of any marketing plan. Whether it’s professional headshots for your leadership, photos of your new office space or a photoshoot of a completed project for your portfolio, RPP Group has the expertise necessary to deliver beautiful photography for whatever you aim to showcase.

In many instances, attractive visuals are what draw users’ eyes and keep them invested enough to read more or navigate through your site or social media. Having custom photography, rather than relying on overused stock imagery, allows you to better control the look and feel of the images you use to communicate your business online.


Having uniform, professional headshots of your employees or leadership team presents your business in a more polished manner. Potential customers or clients typically like to take a look at the team they might be working with, and professional headshots can help build that trust and interest in your business. Beyond helping potential customers and clients put faces to names, having fresh, high-quality headshots can improve morale and boost the confidence of your employees.


Whether you’re selling your products online or just showcasing them on your website or social media, excellent product photography can be hugely influential in whether or not a customer makes a purchase. Customers often equate the quality of the product with the quality of the product photography. Professional, polished product photography excites your customers about your products and can incentivize them to pick your products over your competitors’ products.


Lifestyle photography is largely used to capture and depict people as they go about their jobs or daily lives. Lifestyle photography can tell a story, helping users visualize themselves working with (or for) your company or using your products or services. It allows users to insert themselves directly into these situations and think about how their lives might be improved or changed by engaging with your business. Lifestyle photography can have multi-channel applications across digital and print marketing materials.


Aerial photography can be useful when showcasing the scope of something, whether it’s the size of your business, locations of projects or services your team has completed or is currently working on, or any other related visuals. This kind of photography can be a valuable additional asset to have for a variety of marketing materials.


Whether you’re attending or hosting an event, either once or regularly, photography of the event can be an important asset to use when publicizing your attendance or the event itself. Be sure that you’re showcasing your business or your event in the best light with professional event photography.


When we say that we’d encourage you to not rely on stock photography for your marketing assets, we mean the stock photography provided by large, widely available photography service websites. Having your own stash of stock photography, however, is something entirely different. Maybe you don’t currently have specific needs and applications for custom photography, but you’d still like to have the assets available for future uses. We can provide you with a cache of images of your business, your locations, your staff, your products—whatever you’d like.


When someone Googles your business, you want them to see the best possible photos of your location or locations. Don’t rely on the photos that customers have uploaded to social media or those that were taken by some autonomous Google vehicle. Represent your business accurately and make sure it’s being seen the way you want it to be seen with professional location photography.


When it comes to social media content, keeping your visual assets fresh and updated regularly is vital. You don’t want users scrolling through your feed and seeing the same tired images over and over again. A goal of social media efforts is to communicate a sense of liveliness, and keeping your social media photography up-to-date makes sure you maintain your audience’s interest.


Professional photography requires a lot more than just shooting photos. What often separates professional photography from the rest comes to light (quite literally) in post-production editing. Color correction, lighting, retouching and more can all work to elevate your photos to the highest quality. Photo editing is something that RPP Group includes in all our photography work, but we can also assist with photo edits for previously shot images.

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