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High quality video production can have a place in nearly every part of your digital marketing. Whether it’s used internally or externally, on your website, social media or traditional media, video is a compelling visual medium for sharing your business’s message.

Video can encourage users to spend more time on your site and learn more about your business in a compelling and effortless way, which makes them more invested in the services or products you offer. Whether it’s a testimonial, a tutorial, or another feature spotlight on an employee, team, or office, video is another great way to share essential information with users.


Testimonials can be a powerful sales tool for any business. Potential customers often seek out reviews and testimonials when vetting a business. While written testimonials are a compelling way to give potential customers an idea of why they should work with your business, video testimonials can be even more compelling. This can be especially useful for specific businesses and industries. Testimonial videos humanize and endear the experience of working with your business to viewers, and allow you to provide a more complete picture of that experience.


Video is a great tool to use as part of your social media marketing. It’s important with social media marketing to vary the kinds of content you’re putting out, and video is a great addition to the mix. Video grabs users’ attention in a way that static posts might not, but in addition to that, it can also share more information than a photo or caption might. It can be more instructive and an impactful way to tell a story.


If you’re holding a special event, having trained personnel on site to capture video ensures that you have those assets to share or repurpose later on. Make the most of your event by capturing the speeches, presentations or activities so that they live on and continue to contribute to your business, internal or externally.


Video production doesn’t just have to be consumer facing; it’s important for internal use, too. Training videos are essential for a number of businesses, and creating training videos with a high production value and an engaging script can go a long way to ensure that viewers of the video pay attention and retain what they’re supposed to be learning.


Video is a great medium to utilize to tell your brand story. When sharing your brand messaging and increasing awareness, you want to be sure you have users’ attention, and video is one of the best ways to do that. Telling your brand story in a medium that is already more interesting and captivating is a great way to ensure your brand message is shared.


Aerial and drone videography are great assets to have on hand for your business. Whether you’re using the video for flavor, looped in the background of an area of your website or social media, or as part of a larger video as b-roll, it’s a cool way to showcase your locations, your work and much more.


If you have the assets for a video, but can’t put it together, you can hire an outside partner to help edit your video. Video editing is an important offering from any video production company you choose, and it’s good that you work with one that can edit the video and not just shoot it. This is still important if you have existing video footage, in the event that in the process of editing you find a need for additional footage.

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